I was always enthusiastic about creative working with colours and materials. By the combination of technique, arts and textiles during my studies of textile design,  I could form the basis for my later work.

After working for years in the German and Belgian hometextile sector I found a new place of my life on Majorca, where live on the countryside, the colours and the mediterranean nature became a new source of inspiration for me.

Creativity starts with the eyes, seeing of colours, forms and motives.

The delight, to experiment with interesting structures and colour gradients on my silk paintings and accessories, to work with natural materials, to create harmonic colour compositions in my oil and acrylic paintings, and to search for surprising and moving motives and to capture with my camera, grants me an always new encounter with arts. Moving impressions during photographic tours are also reflected in my paintings.

After a severe traffic accident the creative work got an important, therapeutic dimension for me.

  • 1959 – Born in Wiesbaden/Deutschland
  • 1978-83 – after A level studies of textile design at the University Coburg, diploma’s qualification Textildesigner (FH). During the studies various practical trainings in textile production companies and textile studios.
  • 1985-93 – Working as a Textile Designer in the Company Calwer Decken- und Tuchfabriken, resp0nsible for the creation of the home textile collections (blankets, plaids, children’s blankets) and  und fur cloths, also for exhibition decoration, catalogue design and customer service
  • 1993 – Move to Majorca, design of carpets and blankets for companies in Germany and Belgium. Painting on silk for paintings, accessories and cushion covers, oil painting and experimental work with different materials
  • 2011 – Recognition as Master of Crafts in Painting
  • 2016 – Membership in AFONIB” (Association of Photographers of Nature of the Balearic Islands)


  • 1991 International Design-Award for Textile and Fashion “I & I“
  • 1996 Honourable Mention VII. Painting Competition ”Vila de Capdepera”

The story of silk painting started in China even then before 2000 years and was practised originally as an act of meditation. Painting on silk is a dynamic process which needs a lot of concentration and means to dominate the flowing of the paint on the silk. My works live through the game with colours and the intensity and structure, which is characteristic for silk painting. The interaction of creativity, colour, technique and silk creates always new ideas. The merge of colours and effects of overlapping and marbling, which are created by different techniques, give my paintings and accessories a very special charm.