Oil and Acrylic paint

Different subjects, variations of colour theory and impressions from my journeys are the basis for my oil and acrylic paintings. I like to experiment with different materials, like sand, earth, wood, stones, cords, leaves or paper, and integrate them in the design and the coloration. Very important for me ist the harmony between colour and form.

Silk painting

When painting on silk there can be created impressive structures and colour gradients, which are only possible on this material. The unique glow of silk make the colours shine in an incomparable way. With different techniques, for example with gutta, salt or marbling, it is possible to achieve various effects. Silk is a very robust and resistant material, it only doesn’t like direct sunlight, and can perfectly be used as background for paintings

Silk accessories

All my hand painted silk accessories are unique. Extraordinary designs in fascinating colours make the different shawls, scarves and foulards of several silk qualities be a very special, fashionable accessory.